Skill Upgradation & Training


The real key to the effectiveness of professionals is their ability to put domain knowledge into effective practice. In this context, soft skills and appealing personality traits play a crucial role in their career progression and success.

Global Masters Academy offers this program covering following modules :

Communication Skills, Public Speaking Skills, Presentation Skills, Listening Skills, Interpersonal Skills & Teamwork, Group Dynamics & Team Building, Positive Mental Attitude, Setting & Achieving Goals, Leadership Skills, Selling Skills, Negotiation Skills, Customer Relationship skills, Time Management, Stress Management and Conflict resolution.

Outcome after completing the Program - Able to develop effective soft skills and a rounded personality and confidence to take up challenges and achieve success in professional and personal life.

Who should attend : Working Professionals planning to switch to better job, Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, Job aspirants, Final year college Students, etc.

Duration : 2 months
Give your career a jump-start - attend this program of Global Masters Academy.

The program focuses on job application process, interview preparation and tips to better performance in the interview. Business communication focuses on strong speaking and professional writing skills, Soft skills (presentation, aptitude, creativity, leadership skills, Team building, interpersonal skills, time management, workplace communication, etiquette, etc). Students gets an opportunity to apply and practice the skills taught.

Learning outcomes after successfully completing the course:

Become job-ready, clear interviews easily. Improve fluency and accuracy during business discussions. Communicate effectively and create an impactful image. Develop confidence, express thoughts and ideas clearly while presenting in front of a large group. Become more productive.

Global Masters Academy invites Professionals planning to switch to better job, Job aspirants, Final year degree Students, Freelancers, etc to attend this program.

Duration : 2 months
Never have business leaders at all levels been more challenged. After so much change and uncertainty, many employees have become disengaged. Global complexity and increased competition require frequent strategy updates. Leadership development is critical to equipping your leaders with the capability, tools, knowledge, and vision to create employee engagement, drive strategy, achieve results, and deliver value to customers and shareholders.

Global Masters Academy''s Program covers :
Introduction to Leadership/Self Management/Leadership Styles/Group Dynamics & Team Building/Counseling/Mentoring/Appraisals/Reviews/ Motivation/Self-assessment/Providing Strategic Vision/Creative thinking, handling difficult people, etc.

Learning outcomes after successfully completing the course :

Students will develop critical thinking skills, understand change processes, be able to think pragmatically and decision making. Contribute to increased productivity, nurture future leaders.

Who should enroll in this program of Global Masters Academy :

Managers, Trainers, Entrepreneurs, Aspiring leaders, Management Students.

Duration: 2 months
Global Masters Academy introduces this unique short training program.

`Train the Trainer'' program is designed to benefit and help participants to develop, organize, and deliver effective training and to know how to assess the success of the training. Participants learn how to apply different training methods for engaging participants, how to provide training materials in a structured, clearly written manner, how to deliver an interactive presentation and how to apply the knowledge based on educational research to achieve prescribed training goals.

Who should attend : Professionals/H R Executives handling staff training/Freelance Trainers/Graduates/Post Graduates having flair for Training.
Duration : 1 month.
The Spoken English program of Global Masters Academy covers :

Operation Command of English, Be able to handle communication, Starting and Ending of Conversation, Vocabulary, Appropriate usage of Idiomatic phrases, Metaphors, Similes & Personification, Improve Accuracy in Grammar, Improve Pronunciation & Punctuation, audio Session for Effective Listening.

Who should attend :
Students looking for a career based on application of English language, those in the domain of BPO, content development, aiming career as Translator (from South Indian accent to UK / US accent).

Duration : 1 month
Sales and Marketing are two functions that are critical for any business - be it product or service. Both the functions share a common goal of attracting prospects and converting them to customers, ultimately generating revenue. This requires the right marketing and selling skills.

Global Masters Academy has designed this program to help students to develop the required skills and to strategically handle marketing challenges and recalibrate the ways of connecting and influencing customers. The Program offers a holistic understanding of key concepts in sales and marketing communication with a special focus on marketing management. The Program pedagogy offers an immersive learning experience with a blend of classroom lectures, group discussions, in-class activities and assignments. This Program will help you decipher the right balance between a customer''s expectation and business objectives to drive a marketing strategy that is responsive, relevant and profitable.

Who should attend :
Working Executives in Sales & Marketing and other verticals/Students want to pursue sales & marketing field.

Duration : 2 months
Speaking in public can be a nerve-wracking experience for even the most confident communicators. However, an invitation to speak in front of a large audience whether within your own organisation, among industry peers or in an academic context provides an excellent opportunity to promote your department, your company or your own career. You may only have a short time to create the right impression, to present your ideas clearly and convincingly and to win over your audience so having the confidence and skill set to keep your audience gripped can make all the difference.

Public Speaking is a skill that can be learned through effective practice. Effective Public Speaking is a very important pre-requisite for today’s middle level and senior managers. It is never to too late to learn Public Speaking.

Global Masters Academy devised this short term program for Senior level professionals, Corporate Executives & Trainers, Freelance/Corporate Trainers, Students aspiring a career in Training, Presentations, Anchoring, etc.

Duration : 1 month